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  • Do we offer in-person lessons?
    Yes we do offer in-person lessons. We have a "from home" facility located in Burlington, ON Canada (1 hour south of Toronto).
  • How do we conduct an online lesson?
    We ask that you upoload the following things to your computer and send to us via email: 1. Swing video (current) 2. Putting Stroke (current) 3. Chipping motion (current). Apart of our online lesson will be revolved around technical analysis, therefore we need this data. It is the responsibility of our students to have this before hand.
  • Which platform do we host our online lessons on?
    We use a service that is free to you called Zoom (basically the same functionality as Skye or Facetime). It requires no download. You will receive an invite in your email once you book. All you have to do is: 1. Hit the link to join at the time of your lesson which you will book through our booking service 2. Turn your audio & webcam on. Zoom also has a phone app if you do not have a laptop or tablet.
  • What do we base our teachings on?
    We base our teachings on the following: -40 years cumuliative of high level playing experience in the NCAA, Provincial, and National Golf bodies -30 years cumulative of mentorship from two seperate PGA Tour Coaches -Certifications in Golf Biomechanics (Scott Cowx 5.0 Biomechanic Instructor) and Holistic Health Coaching (Chek Institute) -Readings from the following coaches/players: Bob Rotella, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Dr. Gio Valiente, Dave Stockton, Ben Hogan, Harvey Penick. -AimPoint Green Reading
  • Do we offer services in regards to obtaining a golf scholarship?
    Yes, based upon our families history with obtaining golf scholarships we have devised a custom program to help juniors looking to play in the NCAA at a Division 1 or Division 2 level.
  • Do we offer refunds for programs/lessons?
    No, All lessons/programs once booked are final sale.
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