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Read about how we mentor our High Performance Team

When you work with Lancaster Golf Performance you don't just get one coach. You will have access to the knowledge of three separate coaches with specialties in the areas of golf biomechanics, fitness & nutrition, Short game coaching, & mental game coaching.


Our goal for you is to help you ascend to the highest levels of golf. Because of these lofty goals we have built systems to help you on your journey to achieving this. To spell this out more clearly, our specific goals are to:

1. Develop Juniors so they can gain an NCAA Scholarships & eventually become a top performer on their team

2. Develop high level amateur golfers and professionals so they can gain status & earn a solid living on a world renowned Professional Tour 

Systems of excellence

We have built systems for teaching the correct habits based upon our competitive background, certifications, and learning from the highest level coaches in the game. Our students have full access to one of our Head Coaches for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly mentorship coaching.


Each week during a mentorship session we will cover 1 of the 4 quadrants of championship golf: Biomechanics, Golf Fitness, Short game, Mental Training. All of this is tracked in a comprehensive training journal.

high performance journal

The training journal is where our programs live. We have devised a comprehensive training system with drills, stat tracking, mental game advice, full fitness & nutrition programs (custom to each golfer), short game resources, and much more. Each coaching call we will go deep into this journal to help our clients hit their goals.


Each week we will analyze our student's swings and provide insight into how they can use "feel" and drills to create the proper swing fundamentals. We religiously use the science of golf biomechanics. Golf Biomechanics is the scientific study of the golf swing, it will allow for you to create effortless and sustainable power while not sacrificing accuracy. We also will work closely with our students to create proper setup fundamentals and rhythm in the swing.

Golf Cart

practice like a champion

Golf is the only sport where you do not practice on the same field you play on. Because of this improper practice can cause bad habits on the course. We have devised a training journal, drills, and systems to help our students stay organized when they practice. We want our students to make 1% of improvement every time they leave the driving range or putting green. Under the guidance of Lancaster Golf Performance there will be no wasted efforts, everything we have formulated is a calculated way to breed champions.


Fitness geared towards you

We have spent countless hours in the classroom and in the gym working toward building a golf fitness training system for our golfers based around the concepts of Stability, Mobility, Flexibility, and Power.

This 4 part system has been translated into a highly effective strength program that models the concepts of the world-renowned Chek Institute. Our students will come out of Lancaster Golf Performance stronger & longer without risking injury.

Mind & body

A large part of our training through the Chek Institute has come from studying the health of athletes at a holistic level. What this means is that we have devised unique programs for our golfers that consider: thinking, moving, eating, breathing, sleeping, and hydrating.


Piecing these 6 fundamental principles of health together will put you in the state of optimal when it comes to mind and body. To start we will ask you 100+ questions about your health to understand where you are at.


From there we will build you a roadmap to help you reduce stress levels so you can perform at a world-class level.

Short game importance

Short game is the key to becoming a great golfer, it is half the game when you really think about (a par 4 has 4 shots, 2 of them typically being short shots under 50 yards -Jack Nicklaus).


Our goal for you is to consistently get you to a point of getting up and down more than 65% of the time and becoming a putter who consistently averages under 30 putts a round. As well, we want you to get to the "no 3 putt" zone as a putter. We take a scientific and feel based approach to the short game, mixed in with specific drills to mold champion putters and chippers.

Think like a great golfer

Bobby Jones once said that Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears. This idea has been a driving force in our careers as golfers and coaches.


We recognize the importance of the mental game and take the time with our students to devise strategies for thinking like a great golfer. After going through the Lancaster Golf Performance program you will be thinking like a world-class golfer.

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