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Full game programs to develop yourself into a world-class golfer



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A fitness program designed for golfers to build power & Stay Injury Free.

Within this program you will receive a fitness program which covers flexibility, balance, stability, and power. Also, you will receive a monthly rep scheme to ensure you are properly schedule to systematically build power in the golf swings.

This program comes from our many years of experience as former NCAA Athletes. Also, we have spent years crafting this program through our time spent studying at the world renowned Chek Institute.

At Lancaster Golf Performance, we bring to our junior, college & professional students 40 years of collective competitive and teaching experience in the GAO, Golf Canada, and NCAA D1, with more than 30 years of training by coaches on the PGA Tour.Together we have devised a comprehensive training system for competitive amateur & professional golfers based upon biomechanics, golf fitness, short game, and mental game. Below is a brief summary of our team certifications and focus of disciplines.


By purchasing a service we (Lancaster Golf Performance) offer or by participating on this website, you agree to the following declaration and policies:

I __________ (your name) understand that all services fitness related provided by Lancaster Golf Performance are based on holistic life coaching principles, and are not based on a professional medical perspective. I acknowledge that Lancaster Golf Performance cannot be held liable for any of my decisions, or for the state of my health, following any of our sessions as we are not a licensed medical professional. Our expertise relies solely on our training's from the Chek Institute and is in no way under any circumstances intended to replace diagnosis and treatment of any psychological or physical ailment I may experience. By purchasing a product or service you recognize that Holistic Life coaching is NOT meant to replace traditional medical treatment, and Health coaching healing can only be used in harmony with my main health care provider's detailed healing plan of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. I agree that if I need additional support in any way during or following any of Lancaster Golf Performance sessions, it is my responsibility to seek appropriate care.

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