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Cam Lancaster

-Scott Cowx Advanced Instructor
-Scott Cowx 5.0 Certified 
-Chek Institute HLC Certified 

I run two academies in the Hamilton, ON area in Canada, working with TrackMan technology. I have also helped thousands of golfers through my online academy, having worked with golfers from 5 different countries.  

My specialty revolves around high performance players, working with more then 10 NCAA athletes, high performance juniors, and numerous professional golfers. 80% of my time is spent with everyday golfers, the other 20% dedicated to my high performance players.  I am also an aspiring professional golfer. 

My philosophy revolves around helping golfers build a structure for all aspects of their game. In regards to the swing I work within the Scott Cowx Biomechanics framework. For short game, I spent 10 years being mentored by 2 current PGA Tour Coaches, learning their systems in depth has allowed me to help golfers putt and chip their best.  For the mental game I work with concepts from world renowned golf psychologist Bob Rotella, this revolves around learning how to implement  pre shot routines, building a better self image, and learning how to play shot to shot smart golf

My hope for you is that you will come away from one of these programs with a plan to shoot lower scores and a deeper understanding of your game. On top of that we will have some fun!