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4 Week Social Media Bootcamp

4 Week Social Media Bootcamp

Transform Your Social Media or coaching business with Our 4-Week Online Bootcamp! 


 Limited time? No problem. This bootcamp is tailor-made for dedicated golfers and creators like you who want to take their social presence to the next level. 


Here’s what you’ll gain: 



Online Monetization Coaching Bootcamp: 

(Mentorship will be catered for influencers not looking to coach) 

1. 4 Strategy calls over a month long period 

2. Optimize your profile on Tiktok and Instagram 

3. Reels Mastery, learn everything from trending audio, selecting topics, video quality, timing of video, hashtags, caption generating, using AI to optimize your language 

4. Building a full sales cycle from start to finish 

5. DM Strategy to warm your market 

6. Coaching concepts: How you can conduct effective online lessons 

7.  Building your marketing package: Effectively communicate your offer 

8. Putting together your pricing plans

9. Creating brand deals



You will be emailed upon your purchase with your resources and instructions on how to receive your coaching calls. 


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