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To get your short game and putting ready for the spring, our shortgame and putting specialist Chris will be running a 2 part Zoom series on putting and short game skills. Part 1 will focus on short putting, mid length putting, and lag putting and Part 2 will focus on greenside shots, including the bump and run, flop/lob shot, bunker shot and pitch shot.


These courses are recommended for scratch golfers to 20 handicappers, but really anyone can partake. There will be a lot of links, notes, and you may not take in every piece within this course. Keep in mind this is meant to be something you will get deep value out of for the rest of the season and beyond. These courses will address strictly how to practice properly and develop good fundamentals and habits in the areas of putting and short game.

Why We Are Doing This:

Growing up and playing with high level juniors our coach would take us through mini-training camps to dial in our putting and short games, and we saw lasting benefits through the year from these camps. Remember, we are covering 60% of the game in just these lessons, and we argue these could be the most important cornerstones of your development in 2021. Rarely do players take a nuanced, detailed, and battle tested approach to skilling up putting and short game.

What You Will Get:

With the webinar, you will get a PDF E-book, visuals on the drills we will be showing you, a tracking excel doc with detailed lesson plans so that you can go out to the practice green and track your results. The webinar will be 2 to 2 .5 hours in length with a question period, and will be recorded for reference. We'll try to finish them before the Sunday golf starts, and no this is not on Masters Week.

These fundamentals took our games from a 9-10 handicap in putting and short game to near tour player averages within a couple years and a lot of practice, so we believe in them through self-experimentation, and their rooted in how PGA Tour Professionals build their putting and short games. Needless to say you will get more then enough value for what you are looking for.


Any questions please text/call Chris at (289)-684-9498.

Sunday, March 28th, 11am-1pm, $30.00

LGP Putting Training Camp

Sunday, April 3rd, 11am-1pm, $30.00

LGP ShortGame Training Camp

Mar27, Apr 3 11am-1pm, $50.00

Putting+ShortGame Training Camp

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