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Our golf coaches will help you take your game to the next level with the help of TrackMan 4 technology. Receive TrackMan Data, Custom video analysis, Lesson notes,Technical swing framework, Performance practice plan, and a Swing changes guide to help you hit your goals.


We offer Men's golf lessons, Women's golf lessons, Junior golf lessons, Group Lessons, Group Clinics, Elite performance training. 

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Meet Your Coach 
Cam Lancaster


Cam is the Director of Junior Development at Copetown Woods Golf Club under the Scott Cowx Certified Worldwide brand and is the Founder of Lancaster Golf Performance. He is also a TrackMan Certified Performance Coach at Golfers Academy Burlington and VTL Milton. Having a long and dedicated focus on golf, Cam has played golf competitivley at an amateur and professional level for more then 20  years. He is a Professional Golfer on the Toronto Players Tour. 


Cam has first hand experience when it comes to High Performance Golf from a playing and coaching perspective. Having worked with and mentored by PGA Tour Coach Ralph Bauer and Scott Cowx, for more than 10 years he has taken their approach, guidance, and instructional methods and is now bringing it to you!


His approach to player development mirrors that of which he has studied and is representative in the marked results of his players complete games. Covering biomechanics, short game and competitive strategies, his players are able to see their scores get lower and their enjoyment increase!


Operating a successful online coaching business with more than 30 members in 7 different countries as well as coaching and playing year around, Cam is most excited about helping players find their optimal performance in their game. Utilizing TrackMan Launch monitor technology in the winter months inside the Golfer's Academy, in Burlington and VTL Milton, Cam is able to easily quantify improvement through data and video recordings.


Cam has successfully completed 4 Scott Cowx Certification programs, is affiliated with the CHEK Holistic Institute - HLC 1. He is also a brand ambassador for Taylormade, Golf Forever, Stack, TGT, and Big Wings Golf.


Players Cam has worked with: Bellevue College Athlete, Toledo University D1 athlete, Eastern Michigan D1 athlete, Ohio University D1 athlete, Wagner College D1 Athlete, BC University Athlete, Waterloo University Athlete, Canadian Professionals, Symetra Tour Professional, Competitive Ontario Junior Golfers, Multiple Private Club Champions.

Our Methods

We have helped thousands of golfers using the Bio-Feel Method. This method is based upon using the understanding of a golfers "feel", the data derived from Trackman, and the science of biomechanics based upon our training & many years of mentorship with world renowned PGA Tour Coach Scott Cowx. This approach has been tested & measured countless times with successful results.

The goal of the Bio-Feel method is to ensure you are able to move properly from a human biomechanics standpoint to create a sound impact position. This will help you hit more fairways & greens, leading to lower scores.


Ultimately our Performance Coach Cam will build you a swing to eliminate a two way miss which will help you feel comfortable under pressure, leading to your best golf when it counts the most. 

Hit this link if you are looking for a detailed program

What you receive

With every lesson, you will receive a full data report from Trackman and an actionable plan to improve your game. As well, in your initial biomechanic analysis, you will receive a full practice & flexibility plan in order to mold your new swing.

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Trajectory Analysis: 

With Trackman capabilities you will receive a full report on your trajectory of every shot. We will analyze this to help you understand your optimal ball flight to hit more greens & fairways.

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Shot Dispersion Analysis: 

This is also a great tool we will utilize to help you understand your misses. Our goal for our students is to use the data to help eliminate two-way misses. Once eliminating one side of the golf course you will drop strokes quickly.

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Club Face Data: 

Using the clubface data you see in this picture we will be able to determine your optimal path, dynamic loft, attack angle, and launch angle. With these key metrics, you will become a consistent ball striker.

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Video Technology:

Every swing is recorded from the down the line and face on angle. With the help of drawing tools, we will be able to visually assist you with molding the proper swing. (Due to high traffic occasionally all swing videos will not be available - you will still receive video). 

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Trackman Optimizer:

With the use of Trackman Optimizer, we can eliminate the guess work in your swing. By adjusting the metrics we can understand what will work best for your pattern.

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