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Golf Balls

Get to know Coach Cam. Watch the Ball Striking Workshop. In depth guidance from his academy that will help you fix your swing. ↓

BUT FIRST, if you are ready to take the leap and transform your game we would love to have you join our school. 


✅A detailed review of fundamentals - Grip, posture, alignment, ball position 

✅Driver fundamentals 

✅Why I coach on a case by case basis - Finding your tailored swing 

✅The dangers of experimenting 

✅TrackMan Fundamental numbers to hitting it straight and solid 

✅How we can use Neuroscience and motor learning to easily change our swing 

✅The P System and key positions you need to hit based on your swing 

✅Long term swing build and how to go about it in a responsible way: Tilt, turn, rotate 

✅Self Assesment of misses 

✅Speed training and fitness for more distance 

✅Chipping like a PGA TOUR pro 

✅Building better contact through drilling 

✅Advanced TrackMan Metrics - Build a tour pro based on Scott Cowx Methods 

✅Learning how to think like a champion, mend your mind for ultimate performance 

✅Learning the art of putting 

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